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Why Do I Need an Expungement Attorney? What is an Expungement?

An expungement can help you clear your Kansas criminal record and we can expunge your arrest or conviction in any county in Kansas.  An expungement is a way to request the State of Kansas to clear your record as to a particular conviction or numerous convictions that stem from the same case number.  Contact an expungement attorney, Blake Robinson to help clear your charge, arrest, or conviction off of your record. Often we can have your Kansas criminal record expunged without you ever having to go to court. We aim to get your record expunged quickly and efficiently.

Before you contact an attorney for your Geary County or Junction City expungement, you should have the following information handy as it will assist your attorney in getting your papers prepared to clean your record:

    1. Your full name AND if it’s changed, the name you were arrested under
    2. The court or county in which you were arrested
    3. Date of birth
  1. Whether you’ve been in trouble since your conviction
  2. Your current address
  3. Date of the termination of your probation/sentence.
  4. Your court case number OR if you don’t know it, the year or approximate year of arrest.

Kansas District Court case numbers generally look like:  2010-CR-000012.  This is the year of filing, the code (in this case CR = Criminal) and the number of the filing on the year.

Costs of filing an expungement in a Kansas District Court is mostly consistent across all counties and currently costs $195.00.  The cost of filing for an expungement in Riley County District Court is $195.  In Geary County District Court, the cost of filing is also $195.  These prices are subject to change as each court raises their prices from year to year, so always check with a local attorney that can give you an exact amount.   At the Robinson Firm, we charge a reasonable and very competitive flat flee that includes this filing cost as well as other miscellaneous costs such as record and copying costs.  Call the Robinson Firm for a free expungement consultation.

  1. Plead Guilty
  2. Plead Not Guilty
  3. Plead No Contest.  If you plead no contest, you will still be found guilty, however it’s not the same as pleading guilty.

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