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Family Law Attorney - Jeffery Adam

Jeff Adam is a family law attorney.  He provides the following legal services in his family law office:

Divorces are generally not an enjoyable experience but the right attorney can help guide you through the complicated process.  If you have the misfortune of having to deal with one, Attorney Jeff Adam is a highly qualified divorce lawyer.  A good divorce attorney can make all of the difference in obtaining an equitable division of the marital assets. Contact Attorney Jeff Adam to help you with your family law needs.

In family law situations, divorce and child custody go hand in hand.  Custody, child visitation, and child support are all matters properly considered in domestic cases.  We provide child custody services for all cases where the issue of child custody, child support, paternity, or visitation is in issue.  Your ability to be part of your child’s life is a in important aspect to a divorce, paternity, or other domestic proceeding and the division of custody can greatly effect your child support obligation. Contact an experienced attorney to help achieve the goal you want in your divorce case.

We also handle adoptions in our family law practice.  Both private adoptions and agency or Department of Children and Families adoptions.

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